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Classical straight fitted, 165g middle combed cotton, an everyday shirt.

Designer: ONE

Material.................... 100% Cotton
Waschen................... 30° reverse
Trocknen / Bügeln...... air / reverse
39 eur
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This underground star resides in his chosen hometown of Vienna, where fans scour the streets to tear down his posters. Over the last decade, Franke has become known for creating strong and risqué handmade illustrations with a double life: they can stand alone in galleries or hang as poster art and become visually compelling objects. Franke's line can now be worn by conscious collectors who have a taste for exclusiveness. Franke's work is treasured by a new generation of design fanatics who can attach a name and a face to his designs. Taking an old school approach to wearable art for people, Franke's line appeals to those who want to participate in an expressive way of life. A continuation of Franke's art, which is easy on the eyes, layered with rock flavored illustration, a hint of sexy charm and a spirit of "stick it to the man" attitude which permeates his ready to wear line. This is an exciting approach to an apparel line which has been brought to life by Franke and Stylefaktor Co. in Vienna.

A consummate perfectionist, Franke's dedicated personal involvement with each handmade design guarantees the shortest route from artist to individual. On his latest venture, Franke created imaginative handmade artworks to be reproduced onto guaranteed sweatshop-free, fair trade, organic textile ranging from standard apparel to collectors items; the aim is to design distinctive products for art conscious customers. Just like an art print, a selected number of limited edition items come with an autographed art certificate. Many of his new ornamental inspired designs have created a fresh new take on the motorcycle and tattoo culture by adding classic compositions combined with a hint of naughtiness.

In the beginning, Franke discovered the beauty and strength of classic, hand drawn illustration. Initially, illustrating for album covers and posters, he is now expanding into identifiable and unique jewelry and apparel design. A natural and fluid transition for Franke, moving from paper and canvas to blending digital free classic illustrations and Rock'n Roll inspired images onto collections of clothing and creative jewelry.

A natural, self taught Illustrator and visualist, and moving beyond what he has achieved with his coverart, Franke is about to explode onto a much broader stage appealing to an eclectic audience. Through his tight longtime connection with the multi media muscle "Butterflies and Bunnyrabbits" he already took the opportunity to perform Live Paint shows,to work as a director for short movies or work on animations. Expanding his availability, Franke will create the opportunity to own one of his designs for everyone, linking his fans to his creative past and artistic future. The ready to wear signature line is dedicated to creating an apparel line and a signature lifestyle to be worn containing concept items which represent his visual philosophy.

The apparel industry survives on the tastes of the masses, but it needs personalities like Franke to thrive.

The Franke Signature Apparel Line is available at

A collection of jewelry for Frankes new project in collaboration with T.S.Wittelsbach is also in the pipeline.

It began in Chicago last year and has evolved into a growing range of unique, off-the-hook jewelry pieces containing a natural vibe of the unusual, but still embracing the classic flavour of both artists.

The jewelry project will is about to hit the stores later this year.

Robert Huttinger
Castalides Pictures Ltd.
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