Office adress: Stylefaktor Leitner e.U., Schimmelgasse 10/GL1 A-1030 Vienna

Client hotline: +43 (0) 1 208 23 41

Headoffice: 1030 Vienna


Legal Form: Individual Enterprise

Information, Data Information and Complaints:

Legal Registration Number: 322875t

Court of Jurisdiction: Commercial Court Vienna

UID-Nr.: ATU64797303

DVR-Nr.: 0009032


Chamber Membership: member of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber - Section Trading and Advertising

Media Owner, Editor and Publisher: Stylefaktor Leitner e.U., Schimmelgasse 10/GL1 A-1030 Vienna

Type of Business: Webshop - Merchandising / Advertisign Agency

Manager: Robert Leitner, Schimmelgasse 10/GL1 A1030 Vienna


Stylefaktor-Service Hotline : +43 (0) 1 208 23 41 (Mo bis Sa 09:00 bis 20:00 Uhr)

Company Information: +43 (0) 1 208 23 41




Stylefaktor e. U. and associated companies are aimed to announce only complete, correct and current information on the website, also to ensure the availability. Stylefaktor e.U. and associated  companies assume no responsibility that the showed informationis complete, correct and current and every time availbale. All information will be available for free but without the exclusion of guarantee. The usage of the website is only possible at one's own rist. Stylefaktor Leitner e.U. and associated companies assume no liability as far as local laws allow for any claim, which are associated with the usage of information. This also applies for all links you can find directly or indirectly on the website. Stylefaktor e.U. and associated companies are not responsible for any information on websites followed with such a link. Stylefaktor e.U. and associated companies reserves it's right to change or complete given information without prior notice.



This website and all provided information are proprietary all over the world due to the law for saving intellectual property. All established rights, especially the translation, the reprint, withdrawal of pictures, the radio transmission and saving data are reserved. The private user is allowed to download and use single programms, data or information unless of cancle the copyright. Industrial use of the website and all provided information are not allowed in any case and without written agreement.



Important data which are needed for positive business transaction will be saved in our EDV and not be assigned to a third party. Our sales terms and delivery conditions are accepted with your order. The effecitvity is not prejudice if the pre-establishment is effectless or will be effectless. Instead of the effectles clause we use the effective use clause which is near to the economic purpose. With the appearance of this sales terms and delivery conditions all prior terms and conditions become less important.

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